Introducing the NC57-MOD-S Line card

This video covers the latest NCS 5700 Modular Line Card NC57-MOD-S. Based on J2 chipset, it offers 2 MPA slots supporting Upto 80Gbps and 8x50G+2x400G Fixed front panel ports. Amit Dey and Paban Sarma describe the architecture and unique capabilities. of the line card

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Introducing the Cisco NCS57D2 Fixed Router

This video covers the latest 2RU Fixed High Dense 400G router in NCS5700 product family. Based on J2C+ chipset, it offers upto 18x400G or Upto 66x100G Native fixed ports with QDD form factor. Tejas Lad describes the architecture and unique system capabilities.

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Introducing the Cisco NCS55A2-MOD Modular Router

This video covers the new 2RU modular chassis coming in NCS5500 product family. Based on Jericho+ chipset, it offers 40 fixed ports SFP and 2 bays for 400G MPAs. Vincent Ng describes the architecture and the modularity offered by the MPAs, the timing capabilities, the IPoDWDM and MACsec features.

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Understanding NCS5500 Jericho+ Systems and their scalability

We will introduce and study a second generation of line cards and systems based on an evolution of the Forwarding ASIC.

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Netflow, Sampling-Interval and the Mythical Internet Packet Size

Clarification of key concepts around Netflow technology and potentially correct some common misconceptions. Particularly we will explain why the “what is the sampling-rate you support?” is not the right question.