All about Pipeline

Are you thinking about how to start exploring telemetry? You know how to configure Model Driven Telemetry on IOS XR routers and your next question is how to consume it? Find some time to go through this Pipeline deep dive. You will find all the answers right here!

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NFD#17: Model Driven Telemetry

Have you ever thought about modern Streaming Telemetry in layers? Are there benefits behind independence between the layers? Move on to enhance your deep understanding of Telemetry internals with this video for Networking Field Day #17!

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Telemetry and optical devices

Streaming Telemetry is very helpful to provide you visibility about your routers. Does it mean that you should stop yourself here? Absolutely not! Have a look how you can use Streaming Telemetry for the optical devices. You will find everything you need to start collecting different PM stats right away!

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Multithreading in MDT

Telemetry works fast. Everyone knows that. Are there any tricks to make telemetry even faster? Read this document and you will learn why telemetry can work fast and how you can optimize its behavior!


MDT Quick Start

Is it your very first day with Model Driven Telemetry? You don’t know where to start to quickly configure your router? No worries! Go through this document and in 5 minutes you will be fully ready to configure your first sensor path to be streamed off the router!

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