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Nornir Overview

12 minutes read

Nornir is the new automation framework which grabbed the attention of network engineers. Learn more about it and take a look how you could manage Cisco devices with it.

September 2017

August 2017

Validate the intent of network config changes

6 minutes read

The goal of this tutorial is not only to demonstrate how to config an IOS XR device using the gRPC framework and OpenConfig YANG models, but also validate the changes by subscribing to a telemetry stream from the device.

Programming IOS-XR with gRPC and Go

3 minutes read

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to program an IOS XR device using the gRPC framework. and the Go programming language. The objective is to have a single interface/connection to retrieve info from the device, apply configs to it, generate telemetry streams, program the RIB/FIB and so on.

December 2016

XR Data-model Overview

4 minutes read

In a previous blog post, we described how the Cisco IOS XR programmability framework is based on data models. But, what format do they have? where are the models published? how many are available? how are they grouped?

November 2016