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CiscoLive is back! Scheduled for June 12-16, 2022 in Las Vegas, this in-person and digital event will be unique opportunity to reconnect after a long break.

The Service Provider track will cover most xrdocs.io topics of interest such:

  • 5G - Service Provider Deployment Considerations
  • Converged SDN Transport Architecture
  • Private 5G Enablers, Use Cases and Implementation
  • Optical Networking and Optics
  • Network Programmability, Automation and Security
  • And more…

This post will help you pick your sessions and build your agenda.

If you cannot attend in-person, sessions will be recorded and material will be published on Cisco Live website. Meanwhile, Cisco Live on-demand library is accessible and available for free to explore recent global Cisco Live content.

Breakout Sessions

New: this year those are 45min long sessions. They still cover highly technical topics.

Session CodeTitle
BRKSPG-2028Management of IP+Optical Networks Using an SDN Controller Architecture
BRKOPT-1005High Value Wavelength / Private Line Services – Understanding the Customer and Provider Perspective
BRKSPG-2038Cisco Ultra Cloud Core - Taking 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G Towards a Common Cloud-Based Mobile Core Future
BRKSPG-2029Designing Routed Optical Networks – IP/MPLS Considerations
BRKSPG-1020Learn How to Build a Webscaler Network: One Silicon, One Architecture, Any Software - Cisco 8000
BRKMPL-2113Design Your Next-Gen MPLS Network with Automation and Orchestration in Mind
BRKOPT-2013Optical and Transport Innovations
BRKSPG-2032Deploying High dense Aggregation, Peering for Service Provider Network
BRKMPL-2117SRv6 based IP Transport – Design, Deployment Best Practices & Challenges
BRKSPG-2701Converged SDN Architecture for Programmable Transport with SR-EVPN Fabric
BRKMPL-2119Traffic-Engineering with SR and SRv6 Evolution
BRKMPL-2123Multicast Segment Routing & Traffic Engineering
IBOSPG-2010Getting Started with Enterprise Private 5G: An Interactive Design Workshop
BRKSPG-1003Evolution of Private 5G Networks Standards
IBOSPG-2005Deploying 400G High Scale Aggregation with NCS5500, NCS5700 Series Routers
IBOSPG-2003Building Service Provider Access and Pre-Agg Networks with the NCS 500 Series
BRKSPG-2031Deploying XR Programmability in Production Networks
BRKMPL-2143EVPN: Migration from Legacy to Modern Architecture, Best Practice for SP and Configuration Examples.
BRKMPL-2129SR IGP Flex-Algo
IBOSPG-2000Let’s Talk Security: A Service Provider’s Perspective
BRKSPG-2034Automate Operations Across Service Lifecycle with Cisco SDN Controller
IBOSPG-2001Future Vision of SP Networking
BRKMPL-2131Deploying VPNs Over Segment Routed Networks Made Easy
BRKOPT-2014Open Line Systems Innovations and Challenges
BRKSPG-2049New Frontiers in IP Assurance
BRKSPM-2842Industry enablers making Private 5G a viable private networking option
BRKOPT-2130The Journey Towards Routed Optical Networking
BRKOPT-2699Optics is Heading Into the Terabit Era - What You Need to Know!
BRKOPT-2705Growing the Network with 400 Gbps Coherent Pluggable Optics
BRKOPT-2806Improve Your Network Efficiency with 400G Optics
BRKSPG-2343Internet for the Future: Journey to the Next Generation SP Architecture and Operating Model
BRKSPG-2474Reduce Resolution Time with a Service-Centric Approach to Troubleshooting
BRKSPG-2868Building Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure with IOS-XR Platforms
BRKMPL-2102Designing MPLS based IP VPNs
BRKMPL-2141MPLS Architectural Approaches for Data Center and Cloud
BRKAPP-1002Cloud Bound: Key Differences in Public Cloud Connectivity Architectures
BRKSPG-2401Cisco Secure Edge Protection - Protecting the 5G Edge against DDoS attacks
IBOSPG-2002ASR 9000 Network Modernization
BRKSPG-2250Eliminate Congestion Surprises and Fire Drills Forever with Crosswork Cloud - Traffic Analysis as a Service
IBOOPT-2000Interactive Discussion on Traditional Optical vs. Routed Optical Networking architectures
BRKSPG-2203Introduction to SRv6 uSID Technology
IBOSPG-2105How to Assure Your IP Network

Connected Learning

Digital online Hands-On Labs, 3-4h long. Connected Learning registration is in addition to your conference pass.

Session CodeTitle
HOLSPG-2403.aIntroduction to Multicast Routing on IOS-XR
HOLSPG-2002.aHands on with XR Programmability
HOLSPG-2004.aManaging multiple, isolated SD-WAN overlays made easy
HOLSPG-1093.aMastering SRv6
HOLSPG-2090.aSeamless Transition from LDP to Segment Routing
HOLSPG-2091.aMastering BGP with Recent Features and Troubleshooting techniques on IOS-XR
HOLSPG-2092.amLDP-Based mVPN on IOS-XR Lab
HOLSPG-2400.aTelemetry » Visualization » Machine Learning
HOLSPG-2404.aTraffic Engineering with Segment Routing
HOLSPG-3004.aSegment Routing and Flex Algo, Configuration/Verification on IOS XR
HOLSPG-2104.aTelemetry collection with Crosswork Data Gateway 2.0
HOLSPG-3120.aSRv6 based IP Transport for 5G Hands on Lab
HOLSPG-2004.bManaging multiple, isolated SD-WAN overlays made easy
HOLSPG-1093.bMastering SRv6
HOLSPG-2400.bTelemetry » Visualization » Machine Learning

Instructor-Led Labs

Instructor-Led Labs are hands-on learning, 4h long and are priced in addition to your conference fee.

Session CodeTitle
LTRSPG-1070Creating Custom Workflows to Automate Manual Tasks Using Crosswork Applications
LTRSPG-2004Programmable Intent-Based Slicing, Powered by Segment Routing on IOS XR
LTROPS-1007Hands-on with Smart Licensing using Policy
LTRSPG-1192Introduction to CLI Automation with Ansible
LTRSPG-2054IOS-XR Overview and Hands-on Configuration
LTRSPG-2081Deploying VPN Services with Advance SLAS using Crosswork Network Controller - SDN for transport networks
LTRMPL-2116Seamless transition from LDP to Segment routing
LTRSPG-2140Mastering BGP with recent features and troubleshooting techniques on IOS-XR
LTRSPG-2161Telemetry » Visualization » Machine Learning
LTRMPL-2208Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing
LTRMPL-3145mLDP-Based mVPN on IOS-XR Lab
LTRMPL-2910MPLS and Its Application

Technical Seminars

Technical Seminars are Classroom-style sessions, 4h long and are priced in addition to your conference fee. They take place on Sunday, June 12 at the Mandalay Bay.

Session CodeTitle
TECMPL-2147Segment Routing Implementation in Action: From CLI to Closed-Loop Automation
TECSPG-24315G Programmable Transport - Architecture, Design, Orchestration & Automation
TECSPG-2432New Adventures in Wireless: The Journey of WiFi6 and Private 5G Networks for the Enterprise
TECOPT-2010Routed Optical Networking In-Depth Analysis
TECMPL-2143Segment Routing MPLS to Optimize Path Selection Utilizing Enterprise Platforms
TECSPG-2100Platform Architecture and Transport Innovations in Service Provider Edge and Core Platforms

Walk in Labs

45-60 minute pre-designed scenarios to explore configurations, evaluate, and test some of the latest products and solutions – all at your own pace.

Session CodeTitle
LABSPG-2002Getting Started with Next-Generation Service Provider Networking
LABSPG-1021Primer on IOS-XR
LABSPG-2111Automated Migration to Segment Routing based SDN Transport Services with NSO based Cisco Migration Automation Platform
LABSPG-3120SRv6 based IP Transport for 5G – Hands on Lab
LABMPL-2011How to use the Segment Routing PCE (Path Computation Element) (controller) for IOS-XR
LABMPL-1201SRv6 Basics
LABMPL-2012mVPN: Profile 14
LABSP-1085Cloud Native BNG Hands-on Lab
LABSP-1581MPLS Segment Routing Introduction
LABSP-2104Telemetry collection with Crosswork Data Gateway 2.0
LABSP-2509EVPN troubleshooting and debugging
LABSP-3393Implementing Segment Routing v6 (SRv6) Transport on NCS 55xx/5xx platforms - Advanced
LABSP-3395Configure and Implement BGP-EVPN with Segment Routing using NCS 55xx/5xx platforms - Advanced


Product or Strategy Overviews: 30min to provide a high-level overview of new Cisco products, features, and solutions.
Customer Success Stories: 30min sessions, delivered by Cisco customers and staff, focused on best practices and recommendations for deploying, managing and extending Cisco product features and capabilities.
DevNet: 45min labs and demos focused on automation, programmability, telemetry and application hosting.

Session CodeTitle
CSSSPG-2000Service Provider’s Zero Trust Journey
CSSOPS-2001ISE Adoption in AWS
PSOSPG-2009Multi Layer, Multi Vendor Automation with Cisco’s Hierarchical Controller
DEVLIT-1259The World of NSO Web UI
DEVWKS-3150Service Orchestration with Pro-Active Monitoring and Remediation using Crosswork
PSOSPG-2010Coherent Pluggables: Revolutionizing Optical Infrastructure
PSOSPG-2011Cisco’s Routed Optical Networking: Experience Game-changing Innovation with a Converged Architecture and Automation
PSOSPG-1002Leading Your Digital Transformation with Cisco Private 5G Network Offer
PSOSPG-1015The Fast and the Furious High Velocity Managed Services
PSOSPG-2013Leveraging the Carrier Network Edge to Optimize Content Delivery
PSOSPG-1701Win the 5G Connected Car Race with Cisco IoT Control Center
INTIOT-1300Digitizing the Physical World with Mass-scale Industrial IoT to Move Industries Forward
CSSSPG-2200How Intel leverages SDN to enable the Future of Manufacturing Communication
DEVWKS-1688Introduction to Network Operations using gNOI
DEVNET-2460Jupyter Notebooks + XR for Modern Learning Process

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