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CiscoLive is back! Scheduled for June 4-8, 2023 in Las Vegas, this in-person and digital event will be unique opportunity to gain knowledge, build community & share experiences.

The Service Provider track will cover most xrdocs.io topics of interest such:

  • 5G - Service Provider Deployment Considerations
  • Converged SDN Transport Architecture
  • Private 5G Enablers, Use Cases and Implementation
  • Optical Networking and Optics
  • Network Programmability, Automation and Security
  • And more…

This post will help you pick your sessions and build your agenda.

If you cannot attend in-person, sessions will be recorded and material will be published on Cisco Live website. Meanwhile, Cisco Live on-demand library is accessible and available for free to explore recent global Cisco Live content.

Breakout Sessions

Highly technical topics on a specific Cisco solution. Focus on technology strategy, design, deployment, implementation, and troubleshooting, covering all skill levels. From 45min to 90min format.

Session CodeTitle
BRKMPL-2102Designing MPLS based IP VPNs
BRKMPL-2123Multicast with EVPN, Segment Routing & Traffic Engineering
BRKMPL-2129SR IGP Flex-Algo
BRKMPL-2131Deploying VPNs Over Segment Routed Networks Made Easy
BRKMPL-2133Circuit-style Segment Routing and Service Emulation
BRKMPL-2135Preparing for a Successful Segment Routing Deployment
BRKMPL-2141MPLS Architectural Approaches for Data Center and Cloud
BRKMPL-2143EVPN: Migration from Legacy to Modern Architecture, Best Practices and Configuration Examples
BRKMPL-2147Segment Routing Implementation in Action: From CLI to Closed-Loop Automation
BRKMPL-2203SRv6 Fundamentals
BRKMPL-2205SRv6 for Next-Generation Transport Networks
BRKMPL-2253EVPN Deep Dive with IOS-XR Configuration examples for Service Provider Metro and Data Center
BRKMPL-2257Deploying and troubleshooting multicast over segment routing
BRKOPT-1005High Value Wavelength / Private Line Services – Understanding the Customer and Provider Perspective
BRKOPT-2013Optical and Coherent Optics Innovations
BRKOPT-2015Lessons Learned from designing Routed Optical Networks
BRKOPT-2016Building transport grade packet-based networks with Routed Optical Networking
BRKOPT-2017Scaling Enterprise Networks with Routed Optical Networking
BRKOPT-2018Operationalize Routed Optical Networking
BRKOPT-2637Network Automation with Routed Optical Networking (RON) Architecture
BRKOPT-2699400G to Terabit Optics - What you need to know
BRKOPT-2705Growing the Network with Digital Coherent Optics (DCO)
BRKSP-2133Next Generation SP Service Edge Transformation
BRKSPG-1002Don’t Just Connect, Grow your IoT Business with Cisco IoT Cellular Connectivity Management
BRKSPG-2028Management of IP+Optical Networks Using an SDN Controller Architecture
BRKSPG-2029Designing Routed Optical Networks – IP/MPLS Considerations
BRKSPG-2039Architecting Modern Broadband Networks
BRKSPG-2040Troubleshooting 5G Architectures
BRKSPG-2041Service Overlay Cookbook
BRKSPG-2042Architecting Private 5G for resiliency, security, and enterprise network / WiFi 6(E) convergence
BRKSPG-2043Simplify your journey to SR and SRv6 with Crosswork Automation
BRKSPG-20445G Use Cases Flight Line of the Future and Smart Warehouse
BRKSPG-2133Evolution of the Transport Network Architecture in the Context of 5G and Open RAN
BRKSPG-2263Design, Deploy and Manage Transport Slices using SDN Controller and Assurance
BRKSPG-2315Cloud-Ready Converged SDN Transport
BRKSPG-2355Trends & Topology Options for SP Networks - Adapting Webscale Technologies in the Provider Universe
BRKSPG-2401Cisco Secure Edge Protection - Protecting the 5G Edge against DDoS attacks
BRKSPG-2474Reduce Resolution Time with a Service-Centric Approach to Troubleshooting
BRKSPG-2868Building & Maintaining Trust in Service Provider Networks
BRKSPG-3003Cisco 8000 Technical Update: Powered by Silicon One, IOS XR7 & SONiC
BRKSPG-3004Monolithic or Polylithic packet cores? The case for specialized use-case-based mobile packet cores
BRKSPG-3050Synchronizing 5G Mobile Networks
BRKSPM-1006The 5G System as a Spectrum Management Solution
BRKSPM-2024The New, Encrypted Protocol Stack Taking over the Internet and How to Deal with It
BRKSPM-2027Holistic Security in 5G deployments

Interactive Breakout

Small-group sessions to enable an interactive discussion on technical topics on specific Cisco solutions during 60min.

Session CodeTitle
IBOOPT-1000Preparing your technical staff for Routed Optical Networking An Interactive Audience Discussion
IBOOPT-2000Interactive Discussion on Traditional Optical vs. Routed Optical Networking architectures
IBOSPG-1100Sustainable Router Design - How Cisco is Reducing Power for SP and Webscale Systems
IBOSPG-1101Transforming Subscriber Services Networks with Cisco Subscriber Edge
IBOSPG-1205Not So Trivial Pursuits: How to Assure IP Networks Today and In The Future
IBOSPG-2000Let’s Talk Security: A Service Provider’s Perspective
IBOSPG-2001Future Vision of SP Networking
IBOSPG-2005Deploying 400G High Scale Aggregation with NCS5500, NCS5700 Series Routers
IBOSPG-2006DISH Wireless, World’s first 5G network with a hybrid cloud
IBOSPG-2007Getting Started with Private 5G
IBOSPG-2008An outcome-based approach to Service Provider automation using the Cisco SP Automation Blueprint
IBOSPM-20305G Transport Design Considerations Combining Onsite and Cloud-Based Deployments

Instructor-Led Labs

Instructor-Led Labs are hands-on learning, 4h long and are priced in addition to your conference fee.

Session CodeTitle
LTRMPL-2208Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing
LTRMPL-2910MPLS and Its Application
LTRSPG-2002Mastering Cisco 8000 Platform: A first hands-on experience
LTRSPG-2003IP/MPLS Network Reliability Engineering Lab
LTRSPG-2004Programmable Intent-Based Slicing, Powered by Segment Routing on IOS XR
LTRSPG-2054IOS-XR Overview and Hands-on Configuration
LTRSPG-2140Mastering BGP with recent features and troubleshooting techniques on IOS-XR
LTRSPG-2212SRv6 and Cloud-Native: a Platform for Network Service Innovation

Technical Seminars

In-depth, comprehensive half-day seminar delivered by a Cisco expert on a particular technology including design principles, case studies, and best practices. Priced in addition to conference fee.

Session CodeTitle
TECMPL-2119SRv6 Tech Update, Use Cases and Operations
TECMPL-2143Segment Routing MPLS to Optimize Path Selection Utilizing Enterprise Platforms
TECOPT-2010Routed Optical Networking In-Depth Analysis
TECSPG-2002NCS5500 deployment nuts and bolts: Architecture, Operation, and Troubleshooting
TECSPG-2003Cisco 8000 Powered by Silicon One & IOS XR7: Architecture, positioning, deployments, and troubleshooting deep dive
TECSPG-2432New Adventures in Wireless: The Journey of WiFi6 and Private 5G Networks for the Enterprise

Walk in Labs

Work through predesigned scenarios at your own pace. First come, first serve. Subject Matter Experts on hand to answer questions. Walk-up only.

Session CodeTitle
LABMPL-1201SRv6 Basics
LABMPL-2011How to use the Segment Routing PCE (Path Computation Element) (controller) for IOS-XR
LABMPL-2012mVPN: Profile 14
LABSP-1581MPLS Segment Routing Introduction
LABSP-2509EVPN troubleshooting and debugging
LABSP-3393Implementing Segment Routing v6 (SRv6) Transport on NCS 55xx/5xx platforms - Advanced
LABSPG-2003What the RPL
LABSPG-2004Next-Generation Service Provider Networking.
LABSPG-3000Configure and Implement BGP-EVPN with Segment Routing using NCS 55xx/5xx platforms


  • Product or Strategy Overviews: 30min to provide a high-level overview of new Cisco products, features, and solutions.
  • DevNet: 45min labs and demos focused on automation, programmability, telemetry and application hosting.
Session CodeTitle
PSOSPG-1002Leading Your Digital Transformation with Cisco Private 5G Network Offer
PSOSPG-1141Differentiate Your Services with Confidence - Automated Assurance Best Practices and Use Cases
PSOSPG-17013 Keys to Succeeding at IoT Scale with Cellular Connectivity Management
PSOSPG-2010Coherent Pluggables: Revolutionizing Optical Infrastructure
PSOSPG-2011Routed Optical Networking and Automation: Business Transformation through Simplicity, Scale and Efficiency
DEVWKS-2132Deploying XRd in AWS
DEVWKS-2125Deploy apps on the router like a pro with app manager on IOS XR
DEVWKS-2120Scrape the CLI. Getting started with Scrapli
CSSDL-1152Building Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure - Routed Optical Network (RON) at Play!

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