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August 2019

Application-hosting and Packet-IO on IOS-XR : A Deep Dive

36 minutes read

Looking to understand how Linux applications are able to run on IOS-XR and how they interact with IOS-XR and the external world? How do these applications run the same way on modular and fixed platforms running IOS-XR with no variations? Get the answers to these questions and more in this deep dive.

May 2018

Anatomy of a Network App: “xr-auditor”

55 minutes read

A python-based, model-driven auditing solution for IOS-XR: We walk through the drivers behind the creation of an auditing app that can periodically collect information from XR LXC, Admin LXC and Host Shells of IOS-XR 6.1.2+ and stream out a schema-based XML dump of the linux environment state to a remote server over SSH.

July 2016

June 2016