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Using Cisco WAE to run simulation on network models from Crosswork Optimization Engine

2 minutes read

The Crosswork Optimization Engine provides a RESTCONF based API which allows for the real-time network model to be retrieved. The Optimization Engine and WAN Automation Engine uses the same schema which allows network models to be used interchangeably across the two platforms, allowing for a multitude of capacity management use cases to be addre...

WAN Automation Engine Simulation and the Simulation Analysis Tool

6 minutes read

The main objective of WAE is to build an abstracted network model that correlates topology, traffic and state information. The WAE Design application uses the collected model to simulate “what if” scenarios, and has tools for various simulation and optimization scenarios. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the simulation capabilities...

Multilayer Planning with the WAN Automation Engine

10 minutes read

The WAE network model includes the multivendor devices that participate in the IGP (OSPF or IS-IS) and can be extended to include the DWDM topology. Using the WAE Design application or WAE APIs, you can use the model to simulate “what if” scenarios and optimize paths for L3 and L1 domains. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the multi...