Blogs and Events

June 2018

Persistent Load Balancing or “Sticky ECMP”

7 minutes read

Traditional ECMP or equal cost multipath loadbalances traffic over a number of available paths towards a destination. When one path fails, the traffic gets re-shuffled over the available number of paths.

May 2018

An Update on Router Buffering

79 minutes read

Buffering requirements for routers have been a much debated and ultimately unresolved topic since the beginning of the Internet. This paper presents a technical foundation for network designers to assess buffering requirements based on applications as well as network and traffic characteristics. It also provides specific recommendations for comm...

NCS 5500 Buffering Architecture

9 minutes read

The NCS 5500 uses an innovative design to provide deep buffering while maintaining high performance and power efficiency. This paper explores this design and shows its strengths over traditional forwarding architectures. It also will address criticism of these optimizations coming from other vendors.

March 2018

Introduction to P4 and P4Runtime

7 minutes read

P4 is a domain specific programming language for writing packet forwarding functions. It has several native language constructs such as IPv4 addresses, Interfaces, VLANs that allows for writing highly optimal code which is portable (subject to some constraints as discussed below) across different NPU architectures.

Enabling IOS-XR on Third-Party Network Hardware

18 minutes read

As the ecosystem of the Service provider access market evolves to include disaggregated network devices as part of the scale-out strategy, Cisco is now enabling IOS-XR on select OCP-compliant network hardware. Here, we dive deeper into what it takes to work with the OCP and whitebox ecosystem and what IOS-XR is doing in this realm.