March 2024

Cisco Live Melbourne 2023 – Cisco 8000 Peering Telemetry Demo

2 minutes read

This video aims to list the requirements of an Internet peering router. It demonstrates how Cisco 8000 series routers, powered by Silicon One and IOS XR can meet them. The video shows live examples of telemetry collection: RPKI, FIB, Netflow, BGP, QoS, uRPF/RTBH/SRTBH and BGP Flowspec.

September 2023

August 2023

July 2023

March 2023

Cisco 8000 FIB Scale

13 minutes read

This article will document how Silicon One Q100 and Q200 based systems can support current and future BGP scale for peering and core roles. Based on projected growth, tests will demonstrate they are also future proof. Last, a new feature introduced to increase FIB scale on Q200 will be demonstrated. Telemetry data will also be used to illustrate...

December 2022

Cisco 8000 PBTS Implementation (Basic)

37 minutes read

This post aims to describe PBTS implementation on Cisco 8000 routers. It will go over feature operation, configuration, verification, and other notes like constraints and supported scale.

August 2022

Cisco 8000 software manageability: USB boot

3 minutes read

This tutorial will describe and illustrate how to USB boot Cisco 8000 routers. This step-by-step procedure can be used to stage, re-image or recover a router from a boot failure.

April 2022

Cisco 8000 NPU Traps Monitoring

19 minutes read

On Cisco 8000, Network Processing Unit (NPU) traps are raised in response to the type of packets received by the router. This post will describe how to retrieve Cisco 8000 NPU traps counters through telemetry using gNMI interface.

March 2022

December 2021

Cisco 8201 High Level Architecture and Performance

5 minutes read

This short article will first cover Cisco 8201 high level internal architecture. Then, a quick and simple lab test will demonstrate how it can achieve 10.8Tbps at target Non-Drop Rate (NDR). This test will address recent concerns raised about its forwarding performance.